PostCard Stickers . . .   It's a Window / Bumper sticker on the front . . .   and . . .   a PostCard on the back ! ! !


PostCard Stickers are 8" x 5" durable vinyl with a strong adhesive back, printed with water-proof ink that won't run or fade.


PostCard Stickers are fun!  Postcards with a peel and stick backing, they can be put on any smooth surface - windows, bumpers, book covers, boxes . . . wherever you'd like . . . almost.  (Just be careful . . . you don't want to get in trouble.)


PostCard Stickers come in a variety of images and messages - take a look at "SAMPLES" on the menu.  Good stuff !


PostCard Stickers can be customized with images and messages of your choice . . .  great for parties, conventions, marketing campaigns, gift shops - whatever your imagination can come up with - all with your message to the world !


PostCard Stickers can be mailed just like regular non sticker postcards . . . only these have a lot more impact !


Call or use the form on our Contact Page to find out more about PostCard Stickers . . . you'll be glad you found us.