BP Sticker


 What's  your  opinion  of  BP's  performance  in  their  recent  Gulf  debacle ?


YOU don't like what BP (British Petroleum) has done to our Gulf Coast  ! ? !
And you don't approve of their response to the oil spill nor how they've handled it?

Well, we're all angry about the degradation, the loss of jobs and poor tourist season
and of course . . .  we’re all extremely concerned about BP’s lousy cleanup effort,
the seafood industry, the waterfowl, the sea animals, the wetlands; on and on and on . . .

Show your support against this environmental disaster . . .  and do what you can to
display your sentiments with this PostCard Sticker.   Mail some of these cards to your
friends right now, so we can keep BP on the hook for everything they've done directly
and indirectly to everyone who is being impacted – and will be – for years to come.

Tell other people and the rest of the country that YOU  really care    and they should, too !

Profit(s) donated to the National Audubon Society for Gulf Coast restoration projects.